About Us

Middle East Technology (MidTech) is a trading company established since 2001 in Jordan to take advantage of the attractive trade laws and geographical location of Jordan to supply Laboratory Testing Equipment.

MidTech has established its branch in UAE since 2011, Oman in 2014 under name of Trio Middle East Trading (Trio Midtech) and in 2016 we established Qatar office under the name of Rowad Testing Equipment Technology our Jordan office is Middle East operational office.

MidTech is assisting major manufacturers of testing equipment with their sales and marketing efforts in certain selected countries.
Its strategy of opening branches and appointing resellers backed – up with stock for quick delivery will increase the market share for those manufacturers, and at the same time release some of the pressure on them by limiting their contacts and deals with one entity.

MidTech objective is to be number one supplier in the region for engineering and scientific equipment and the first choice for all current and potential customers.

All offices and branches should cover the customer needs and work as consultant and advisors for customers.
By centralizing our works in MidTech we have the following advantages:
*Our suppliers have one main reference in the area instead of twelve resellers.
*Our branches and resellers have one reference for most of their needs.
*It gives us better control on the stocks and their movement.
*Reducing marketing and after sales cost on the suppliers.


Number one supplier for testing and inspection equipment for construction, materials and educational and scientific equipment, and supplier for survey equipment in Middle East area.


Offering highest customer value products and services with trustable support for customer in testing, quality control and survey equipment.


Trust ,Loyalty ,Continues learning
Integrity ,Growth ,Excellence


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P.O.Box.2802 Amman,11821 Jordan

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