November 11, 2016

  Chinese culture

  Chinese art is visual art that, whether ancient or modern Chinese art is based on Chinese culture. Of all the Chinese artworks, there art is full of red, and gold color. Chinese hand writing is like lines connect them to get words. We can see the letters are like shapes or like animals.

   Chinese art is full of lines you can see how thy used lines to represent the culture by small squares or to make the shape of (x) by a lines. They use circles to make flowers or waves. There art depends on pattern allot, as you can see in the picture.

Chinese art use symbols  








In traditional Chinese art and culture, black, red (sometimes green and blue called “grue”), white and yellow are standard colors. These colors represent the five elements of water, passion, wood, metal and earth.

Chinese art most famous symbol is dragons because the dragon was on the Coat of arms of Hong Kong during colonial time. Now it is part of the design of Brand Hong Kong, a symbol used to promote Hong Kong as an international brand name. Chinese art have some drawing of fish because it represent them.

I really liked Chinese art and culture because its so different than other culture it has its style and its creative ideas. It was hard to choose the culture that I’m going to research about it , to fined clear information, to try to write the idea in my word and to have 500 word but I can’t reach 500 word.

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By Rand Al Assi



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